The wood veneer material selection center has samples of such three main product series as reconstituted veneer, natural veneer and dyed wood veneer, totaling several hundreds of sample types. In addition, samples of fireproof boards, floor boards and wood veneers that have undergone different paint treatments are also available. Numerous varieties can meet clients’ different requirements, thus helping lower the purchase cost. Due to the high quality as well as the wide range of product category, our wood veneer enjoys a tremendous popularity in the market.

Samples of a complete line of our veneers can be found in the material selection center. Samples of newly developed engineered wood type, dyed wood type, natural wood type products as well as their printing products are timely collected by the center, thus letting customers quickly know the latest product information.

Needless to say, the wood veneer is highly qualified. There are many reasons why we can provide our clients with high quality products. Our company strictly implements the ISO9001 quality control system. Full or spot check will be conducted in accordance with the production process and product category. The perfect management system motivates the staff to fulfill the product quality inspection responsibility. Additionally, we have a complete set of inspection tools. Prior to warehousing, all the finished products must be fully inspected, and only the qualified products can be put in storage. What’s more, our sales men will communication with the client in time after the goods receipt, so as to get the suggestions and feedback from the client. That information is conducive to perfecting both our product and after-sale service.

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