1. High Degree of Imitation, Allowing Limitless Creativity
The engineered wood can be made to imitate the grain pattern, color and luster of exotic wood species. In addition, the flexibility of design allows creating a variety of personalized species.
The common species of our products include oak, ebony, zebrawood, maple, cherry, teak, walnut, Sapele, beech, burl, cats eye series, and more. Customization based on user special requirements is also available.

2. Excellent Characteristics, Cost Savings
Compared with natural wood, the engineered wood has better chemical, physical properties and avoids the defects such as insect holes, knots, discoloration, corrosion, etc. Meanwhile, it is characterized by regular grain and color, as well as uniform dimension. Upon request, it can also be tailor made to different sizes, thus maximizing the utilization of raw material.

3. Environmentally Friendly
Made with renewable natural wood sources, our reconstituted wood is an ideal substitute for expensive rare and exotic wood species, which helps protect the world’s original forest resources. Additionally, the specially designed E1 eco-friendly glue used for these products meets related environmental requirements.

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