Enterprise Culture
1. Our company regularly holds a variety of activities and parties, like the Mid-Autumn Festival party, New Year's party, and monthly tea party. This contributes to the enhancement of company cohesion, the cultivation of positive company culture, and the improvement of employee motivation.
2. Each year we make a total investment of 500,000 RMB in training programs covering from operational skills of the workers to the management strategy of the general manager. Operating on the basis of management mechanism, our company now gradually grows into a large enterprise integrating scientific research, production and marketing.

Social Responsibility
1. Due to the expansion of our production, our company newly employs approximate 600 people every year, creating a large number of jobs.
2. People over 60 years old in the town where we are located can receive a subsidy of 80-150 RMB per month from us.
3. Because of our steady growth, the taxes we annually pay are also increasing. Our company also helps promote local economic development.

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