Spliced Veneer / Edge-Jointed Veneer

KUPER splicing machine imported from Germany is used to horizontally splice together several pieces of wood veneer with the same length and thickness to create a standardized sheet, which is called spliced veneer. The use of our edge-jointed veneer allows thick fancy plywood manufacturers to realize mass production.

Backed by advanced equipment, our company can splice a variety of veneer of varying dimensions, like natural wood type, dyed wood type and reconstituted wood type. The product can be spliced to various patterns, and the splicing quality is reliable. It effectively removes many problems of thick fancy plywood, like assembled gap, non-uniform surface style, a lot of repair, etc. In addition, the spliced veneer allows mechanized production and high efficiency, thus reducing labor cost. The veneer utilization rate can also be improved. This product is now mainly used in the furniture and fancy plywood manufacturing industries.

Thickness 0.40 mm-0.60 mm
Width According to customer requirements
Length According to customer requirements

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