Finger Jointed Roll Veneer (Edge-banding Roll Veneer)

The finger jointed roll veneer is designed to cover the sections of the panels for protection and decorative purposes. It can be divided into two types based on the width, including edge banding and wrapped veneer. This material can effectively protect panels from damages resulting from unfavorable factors like water and avoid possible volatilization of formaldehyde volatilizing from inside.

Advanced automatic machines are utilized to assemble veneers of the same species, width and thickness via finger jointing method, resulting in a continuous roll. The edge-banding roll veneer has become a preferred material for the enterprises to improve efficiency and reduce cost. It is commonly used in furniture, kitchen cabinets, and door panels, which enables these to display clear wood grain and create an overall colorful effect.

Our company provides three types of finger jointed roll veneer, which are engineered wood type, natural wood type and dyed wood type. All individual pieces are firmly joined, which ensures great tensile strength and reduces upwarp phenomenon. Thanks to the uniform thickness, the product offers a smooth surface and amazing hand feel after sanding process. In addition, the back can be laminated with high quality non-woven fabric for good tenacity. Both overall uniform design and personalized design are available according to customers’ different decoration requirements.

Thickness 0.3mm ~ 1.5mm
Width 10 mm - -280mm
Length 200m ~ 300m /Roll
Back With or non-woven paper/paper backing

Related Names
Veneer Roll for Edge Banding | Wood Veneer Edge Banding Roll | Edge Banding Veneer | Furniture Material for Decorations