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Dyed Wood Veneer

Using natural wood veneer as raw material and applying computer color matching technique, defect treatment as well as a complex dyeing process, we get a dyed wood veneer that keeps natural wood grains and characteristics while providing more surface color options. This new-type decorative material has the original beauty of real wood but eliminates its natural defects. As a result of its great color flexibility, this product is exceptional for setting the “mood” of a room, creating gorgeous living environments.

Species of our dyed wood veneers include American RedOak, Sapele Pommele, Ayous, Koto, Pear wood, Lati, Makore, Sapele, Ash, Chenchen, Lacewood, and much more.

Our products have found many applications. The thin ones are generally used for fancy plywood, paper-backing, wrapped veneer, edge banding, and so on. The thick ones are mainly used in the manufacture of wood doors, furniture and flooring for luxury hotels, villas, clubs, etc.

Length ≥1.5m
Width ≥12cm
Thickness 0.2~0.6mm

Related Names
Dyed Veneer Sheet | Colored Veneer | Veneered Wood-based Panel | Dyed Veneer Furniture

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