Reconstituted Veneer (Engineered Veneer)

The reconstituted veneer is made from common rotary cut veneer. Computer simulation technique and high-tech methods are utilized in the design and manufacture of this product. Because it is created with renewable natural wood sources, this new manmade surface decorative material is environmentally friendly while maintaining the characteristics of the natural wood. It can not only imitate the grain of exotic tree species, but also allows creation of more artistic patterns.

The engineered veneer comes in a wide variety of grains, colors and types. For instance, straight grain, semi straight grain and crown grain (flat grain) are available. The product is easily machined, repels moth, and provides great resistance to corrosion, fire as well as moisture. In addition, it can be made to different sizes according to specific application, ensuring high material utilization. This reconstituted veneer now becomes a preferred alternative to solid wood and sliced veneer of natural rare species in furniture manufacturing and interior decoration.

Length 2040mm 2200mm 2500mm 2800~3400mm
Width 640mm 840mm 920mm 1260mm (Standard width is 640mm)
Thickness 0.15mm~1.0mm (Regular thickness includes 0.40, 0.50, and 0.60mm)
Thickness tolerance +/-0.02mm
Size tolerance +/-10mm

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